Where Is The Future Of LED Technology?

- Apr 19, 2017 -

Every year the Japanese international lighting, LED technology and application exhibition (LIGHTING JAPAN) will have a keynote address. Tell you the new trend and technology trends, we come to see the main speakers, the Nobel Prize winner in the Sorra company is already a key figure in the village repair two, with Osram senior Vice President Geet van der Meer about led and lighting views. Lighting This exhibition has held the eighth session in Tokyo, this year's exhibition is divided into two major areas, one is the lighting technology (LED and OLED, materials, equipment), the other is the lighting appliance exhibition, the future in the 2017 pavilion will be dominated by lighting technology, which can be matched with other automotive related, semiconductor-related technical exhibitions to play a comprehensive effect, and lighting fixtures, coupled with the design of the relevant exhibition, the next session moved to Yokohama October Exhibition, and has begun to levy.

Where is the LED future? China Village repair Two and Euslango tubes so look!

Let's take a look at this keynote address:

China Village Repair two: Gan on Gan LED is the future, continue to optimistic LD laser lighting

Sorra, a Nobel laureate in the Middle village, is now an important figure in the United States, his speech at the Tokyo International Lighting exhibition, focusing on Gan on Gan led, LD laser illumination. The opening of course does not forget to mention his abundant work, but this is not the focus of this lecture, he put out what kind of new dishes?

Where is the LED future? China Village repair Two and Euslango tubes so look!

He said that the solution to P N-type problem with Blu-ray LED is the first generation of LED,GaN on Gan LED is the second-generation led, already is the quantity production product, 2006 already has the technical patent document published, and in 2008 set up the Sorra company, the first commercialized product in 2012 has been introduced, 2014 has used Gan on Gan's led wafer, applied in a series of illumination light source product.