The Difference Between Energy-saving Lamps And Led Lights.

- May 02, 2018 -

    In  our daily life, the most common energy-saving lamps and led lights are  now. People are full of commercial advertisements. It sounds like they  are the same type. However, what is the difference between them? What is an energy-saving lamp? What is a led light?

   Energy-saving  lamps, also known as energy-saving light bulbs, electronic light bulbs,  compact fluorescent lamps, and integrated fluorescent lamps, refer to  lighting devices that combine fluorescent lamps and ballasts (ballasts)  into a single unit. Philips  was born in the Netherlands in the 1970s. The official name should be a  rare earth trichromatic compact fluorescent lamp. Just because the  light source achieves the same light output, it only consumes 1/5 to 1  of the power consumption of an ordinary incandescent lamp. /4, which can save a lot of lighting power and costs, so it is called energy-saving lamps.

   LED  is the abbreviation of English light emitting diode (LED). It is a kind  of lamp that uses light emitting diodes as the main material to make  lamps for outdoor use. It can emit light mainly because we use weak  power to make this semiconductor. The  PN junction achieves the effect of light emission, which means that, in  the case of certain positively biased voltages and currents, the  electrons injected into the P region and the N region are irradiated and  recombined to emit the light source.