LED World War Record

- Apr 19, 2017 -

Recently, the Hurun list and Guangdong Manufacturing Enterprises 500 strong are issued. One is the comparative authoritative list of domestic and financial, and the other is the enterprise ranking in Guangdong region, in two lists have many led enterprises figure.

On the strong led enterprises in Guangdong area, three Ann, Mulinsen, Foshan lighting, Qin Optoelectronics, Lehman shares, Chau Ming Technology, integrated photovoltaic, Mai Tatsu Digital, op lighting, Liard and so on are well-known industries, in the chips, packaging, downstream lighting, display and other comprehensive strength of the top, and thus also on the major list.

Guangdong is the home of the manufacturing enterprises in the gathering, lighting, coatings, bathroom tiles, sofas, wardrobe and other enterprises in recent years, accompanied by the accumulation of wealth, brand visibility widely spread, more Guangdong enterprises on the list of the major. The development of Guangdong enterprises, including illumination, is expected.