LED Enterprises Should Upgrade Lighting Application To Change Sales Thinking

- Apr 19, 2017 -

With the development of lighting industry, LED industry integration speed obviously accelerated, industrial concentration gradually improve, in recent years, led capacity oversupply, lighting price competition is fierce, although the number of large, generally difficult to profit from the manufacturers, but with the core technology advantages, channel advantages, and the scale of the industry leader in the rapid growth.

For the pursuit of higher profits, lighting enterprises gradually expand the market segments in the field of business, and strive to increase the value-added and sales channels. For example, flying music audio has acquired completion of the diaphragm company and Shen Ann Group, completed from the General lighting field to automotive lighting and lighting engineering extension, through the LED lighting and application end lighting engineering market industry chain. 2015, flying Music Audio successfully acquired a 80% stake in the group, to become a world-class brand and all over 48 countries sales channels of international lighting giant.

Nowadays, the rapid advancement of Intelligent City and IoT makes the connection of illumination more and more important to the outside world. Whether traditional lighting enterprises or other industries, have been involved in the field of intelligent lighting. In fact, this is not surprising, after all, intelligent lighting products to dabble in the technology than the old-fashioned products, no longer can only rely on the past the lighting industry chain will be able to produce, so there are more enterprises to join is for granted.

But there is a view that intelligent lighting is just a market segment of one of the lighting market, the traditional lighting enterprises should be involved in this, must invest in new sales channels and industrial chains, but in the author's view that this is inaccurate.