Why use LED car lighting?

- May 21, 2018 -


LED has been extended to many lighting applications, including cars. LED automotive lighting is becoming more and more popular. Converting halogen lamps to LEDs helps automakers improve nighttime visibility, said Steve Lietaert, president of Hella USA.

Lietaert also stated that LED automotive lighting allows automakers to incorporate some exciting and unique features into their cars while also saving a lot of valuable energy.

The lighting improvements that LEDs can facilitate include the ability to project the light in the forward direction directly onto the road ahead; to reduce the glare for drivers on the oncoming vehicle, and even to allow the car to change color to help other drivers see it better.


Lietaert believes that LED replacement halogen lamps are in progress and will accelerate at the end of next year. One of the main reasons is car power. Lietaert said that a typical halogen headlamp uses 55 watts of power to produce 350 lumens of light, while LED headlamps use 17 watts to produce 600 lumens of light.

He predicts that by 2020, halogen lighting will disappear, which is mainly considered from the perspective of automotive engineers because automotive engineers do not want to waste 55 watts on headlights. This is a "right fight" for cars. And as more and more electric cars emerge, they need to reduce their load.

In addition, he added that LED has had a good impact in the car. Automotive manufacturers now use LED interior lighting that allows customers to change the color of the interior lighting according to their own wishes. In addition, research and development are currently under way to improve sound warnings by using in-vehicle lighting to alert drivers of possible dangers.

Safety aspects

According to Lietaert, LED-based headlamps have great potential for improving the safety of cars by improving night vision. For example, the Mercedes-Benz E-class headlights use 84 LED lamp beads that can be turned on and off individually to reduce glare for oncoming vehicles.

He also said that LED-based headlamps have a larger exposure range. Compared with traditional light sources, LEDs are also very durable.