The reason for LED work lights out of working

- Jun 30, 2017 -

Now the LED lighting supply for all areas step by step,specially have a wide range of application in Auto area. LED lighting (LED auto work light,led auto headlight and led tail light .etc) starts to take place of traditional Lighting.The reason of LED lighting out of work:1.power and driver ran out;2.the damage of LED device itself;3.LED radiator not good will make solid crystal aging and chips fall off.

Prevent measures:Welding process avoid LED bulbs suspending and inclining.Make the LED radiator work well.Ether’s led work light,led headlight,led light bar,led warning light,led fog light and led beacons are produced strictly according the international standard.All the products should go through high and low temperature alternating test,waterproof test,salt spray test,EMC Test and Vibration Test and make sure all products with good quality.  

When installation the positive and negative of led is in wrong connection or PCB circuit,It will make the led broken.

Preventive measure:Make a good job of ESD protection,avoid the positive and negative circuit and check carefully PCB board.Ether’s all LED lights should be lighted before package so that we can make sure each one work well.

Instantaneous current and voltage is too large,which make the driver and chips damaged,so the lights will circuit.

Prevent measure:make a good job of EOS protection,avoid the current and voltage large or driving LED in a long time.

LED lights suffer violent collisions,which lead to welding plate fallen off and the lights out of work.

Prevent measure:make sure the lights install stably,avoid dropping and crashing violently and lead to the lights damage.

Lights dip in the strong water pressure,beyond one meter.

Prevent measure:Ether’s led work light,led headlight,led light bar,led warning light,led fog light and led beacons should go through waterproof test before package.Waterproof grade of protection is IP 68 or above.But when waterproof testing,the lights can not dip in the waiter in a long time and beyond of the testing standard.