The LED warning lamp

- May 03, 2018 -

  LED warning light 

LED warning lights are used in the environment of mechanical equipment, roads, docks, etc. to display the different colors of lamps to convey the corresponding operations to people. Like the road, the red light stops, green light line.


LED warning light function edit

Luminous options: Constant, Shiny, Burst, Normal/Sparkle.

Mounting bases are: L rods, straight rods, folding, cartridge.

LED warning light structure editing

External: Top cover - Lamp shell - Mounting ring - Another color lamp shell - Base (If more than one layer is needed directly in the middle).

Internal: Connect each layer of lamp beads in series with the color of the external lamp housing, and then connect each lamp layer in parallel and fix it on a rod.

LED warning light advantage editing

Compared to traditional light sources, LED lamps generate less heat and last longer than traditional light bulbs.

The LED power of 1 watt can replace the eight watts of the bulb, which is more energy-efficient during use.