The development foreground of LED lamp

- Apr 19, 2017 -

1: LED chips for the main origin of Taiwan, possession of LED market 47%, and in China's led factory is more resin packaging processing, chips need a large number of imports caused the main reason for excessive costs.

Second: The domestic automotive industry manufacturers and consumers of LED lights are not enough to know the habit of using LED lights and traditional lights to compare the cost, the impact of LED lamp industry rapid development of the pace, at the same time, also contributed to some workshop-type processing enterprises with low quality products mixed with LED lamp market.

Manufacturing LED Automotive Lamp main manufacturers are: Philips Lighting, light technology, Hui Cheng photoelectric. such as a number of professional producers. With the continuous updating of LED technology and the development of LED lamp technology, our country LED high brake lamp will be further popularized, the price steadily drops, LED rear brake lamp, turn lamp and fog lamp start commercialization, LED automobile lamp to individuation and art direction development, simultaneously led intelligent control system also will develop rapidly.

2012 Global automotive traditional lighting accounted for the total lighting production of about 10% percent, so the car market is the most optimistic LED lighting market segmentation. LED has been applied to the interior and exterior of the car, especially in automotive interior lighting, color LED applications have been very mature, such as the use of instrumentation lamps, backlight lighting switches, car reading lights or head display system, such as the outside, mainly the combination of LED taillights, such as brake lights, steering lights, parking lamps.

Experts believe that until 2013, all the global car taillights more than 95% percent will be used led taillights. The overall market size of the automotive led taillights will reach a value of 2.3 billion per annum.