Requirements of LED lamps for low voltage drive IC

- Sep 01, 2017 -

The nominal input voltage range of the driver chip should meet DC5-40V to cover the needs

of the application surface, the pressure can be greater than 40V better; AC 12V or 24 V input simple bridge rectifier output voltage with the grid voltage Fluctuations, especially when the voltage is high when the output DC voltage will be high, the driver IC can not adapt to the wide voltage range, often in the grid voltage will be breakdown, LED light source is also burned.

drive the chip's nominal output current requirements greater than 1.2-1.5A, as the LED light source for lighting, 1W power LED light source of its nominal operating current of 350mA, 3W power LED light source its nominal operating current of 700mA, power Large need for a larger current, so LED lighting fixtures used in the drive IC must have enough current output, the design of the product must be driven IC in the full output of 70-90% of the best work area. The use of full negative output current driver IC in the narrow space of light cooling poor, easy fatigue and early failure.

drive chip output current must be long and constant, LED light source can be stable light, the brightness will not flicker; the same batch of driver chip in the same conditions, the output current size as much as possible, that is, discrete small, so in the High-volume automated production line to be effective and orderly; for the output current of a certain discrete drive chip must be in the factory or put into the production line before the sub-file, adjust the PCB board current set resistance (Rs) resistance size, The production of LED lamps constant current drive board on the same LED light source brightness consistent, to maintain the consistency of the final product.

The driver chip package should be conducive to drive the chip die fast heat, such as the die (Die) directly on the copper plate, and a Pin directly extended to the package, easy to directly welded to the PCB board copper foil Rapid heat conduction in a similar 4X4mm silicon die, to a long time through the 300-1000mA current, there must be power consumption, will naturally heat, the chip itself, the physical cooling structure is also essential.

drive the chip itself, anti-EMI, noise, high pressure resistance is also related to the

entire LED lighting products can pass CE, UL and other certification, so drive the chip itself at the beginning of the design should use excellent Die plastic copper

drive the chip's own power requirements less than 0.5W, switch operating frequency requirements greater than 120Hz, so as to avoid frequency interference generated visible flash is a can be applied to a variety of LED lamp drive chip, such as the roadLights, underwater lights, wall washer, floodlights, tunnel lights, car work lights and so on. Simple and practical low-cost LED lighting program. Can be 3-9 1W LED series, the ΔVF = 3.4 V X N, IF = 350mA. When Vin = 12VDC, 3 LED in series, ΔVF = 10.2V, the work efficiency is better. XL4001, XL400, XL4101, XL4102 products, the input voltage can be 5V-40V, with constant current, constant voltage function, built-in, and can be used in combination with Bipolar high voltage and BCD high pressure process technology XL4001, XL4002, XL4101, XL4102 products, input voltage can be 5V- Pressure, overcurrent, short circuit, over temperature protection. For LED driver, MR16 drive (1W / 3W LED up to 10 series) in the market application, the external circuit is simple, stable performance. Continuous constant current source output, the maximum current can be done 3A. 52kHz fixed switching frequency. Input / output voltage changes, the load current changes within the range of ± 1%. Series of multiple LEDs, the efficiency can reach 80% to 95%. Over-temperature protection (120 degrees Celsius)

HVBCD process of high voltage, high current, constant current LED boost driver IC XL6003, XL6005, XL5002. Can support 16 string 1W / 3W LED in series. XL6003 is a breakthrough in the traditional circuit topology, combined with HVBCD process, high current, high voltage DC / DC boost constant current LED driver IC,

(1) it has a wide DC 3.6V to 36V input voltage range (low voltage can take into account the lithium Power supply)

(2) the maximum boost to 42V, can drive 12 series 1W LED (compared to other brands of multi-drive 4 ~ 5 LED) XL6003 up to 12 LED lights in series, the market other maximum output can only 8 LED lights In series.

(3) High current 1050mA continuous current output, can drive 1W LED12 string 3 and 3W LED12 string

(4) EN pin can achieve PWM dimming, and comes with soft start function

(5) as low as 0.2V reference voltage, can be effective Improve system efficiency

(6) output 42V overvoltage protection. Built-in thermal protection function advantages: wide voltage input, high current output, the external circuit is simple.

XL6003 application is simple, ordinary DC / DC boost topology, the efficiency of up to 92%, for LED-based cars, street lamps, solar lights and LED backlight driver applications.