Off-road vehicle top light installation skills and attention

- Jun 05, 2018 -

First of all, you need to buy a LED work light and LED bar light that are suitable for your own car. According to the style of the car and the preferences of the self-driver, select LED work lights and bar lights of moderate size, square and round, smaller size of what we call the LED work lights, generally installed in pairs, in the car front insurance bracket , Install a pair, you can also install the front mirror body. Installed in the roof of the general 3-4 to a row, roof rack, can be installed on the luggage rack. The growth bar, which we call the LED bar light, mainly installs the top of the car body. Some shorter size LED bar lights can be installed at the car air intake grille.DOT / SAE / E-Mark Approval Universal 7 Inch Round Projector LED Halo Headlights For Jeep Wrangler Toyota Land Cruiser / Mercedes G Class

After confirming the installation position, select the required LED work light and LED bar light according to the size. The performance of the light fixture is very important. Many LED work lights and LED bar lights on the market have general performance and are all exported to the Middle East market. , uneven quality, ordinary owners of the owners, there is no need to wear mountains and mountains, you can purchase relatively cheap, high-demand users, especially the use of more than 200W users must buy high-performance LED work lights and long Bar lights, high power and large size, and poor quality not only affect the use, but also have a great impact on the safety of the car body and driving safety.

The mounting bracket should be firm. If you intend to install the off-road vehicle dome light, do not be afraid of drilling and welding. Let the master try to install it firmly, especially for the lighter and heavier power fixtures. The stability is the first guarantee, under the premise of ensuring the stability. Try to be beautiful.

Connect the power supply. If you purchase more than 200W high power, you should consider the battery capacity of the car, the battery DOT / SAE / E-Mark Approval Universal 7 Inch Round Projector LED Halo Headlights For Jeep Wrangler Toyota Land Cruiser / Mercedes G Class capacity of the car battery is too small, you need to replace the bigger one, or the modified LED headlights of the vehicle, you can also save a lot of power for your conversion Now. LED work lights and LED strip lights are connected to the car power circuit, and an independent insurance and switch must be installed. Selecting the LED lamps and lanterns with their own wireless switches should also add one more mechanical switch. The car factory should be reserved with a switch position. of. The LED roof light power cord is equipped with a waterproof plug. It also needs to be bandaged, and the cabling should be taken into the vehicle. To prevent the switch door from being pressed, do not set a long wire outside the vehicle to avoid accidentally hanging it.

     Power-on test, adjust the angle of LED lamps, the range of LED work lights and LED bar lights is about 50-100 meters, adjust the angle needed by off-road vehicle owners to the appropriate lighting requirements, remember to lock the installation screws. During normal use, it should be checked regularly and the screws loosen.