LED future, whether become the center stage?

- Nov 20, 2017 -

    Organized by the Nangang Exhibition Hall in Taipei. There are three major differences from the previous years: fewer stalls, fewer crowds of people and less buying power. The popularity of the exhibition not only reflects the ups and downs of the industry, but also symbolizes the Business-led market power.

Recalling the past, "lighting" and "backlight" two sets of keywords, decided the LED industry more than 20 years of ups and downs.

LED display was originally the cradle of the output value of the years from 2000 to 2010, LCD backlight demand led the rapid growth of LED output value, has several stars in the electronics industry aura, and then saturate the backlight, the lighting continues the market momentum, while the mainland LED The factory took the Eleventh Five-year train began to stand, with the government subsidies and tax concessions played a price war, a few years to the fate of solid-state lighting into a sea of blood, cheap, large, but the rapid growth of lighting The market has become a poisonous apple with bright light on the dinner table. When other staples have been exhausted, some people start farming and can not help but snatch food and gradually pay the price of food poisoning.

    LED topic has been decoupled from the show?

    For LED chips and packaging plants, keywords in recent years are definitely inseparable from the "car" and "invisible light." LEDTaiwan exhibition, in addition to the East Tony and Molin Mori take lighting products as a matter of course, the remaining three upstream manufacturers: Lite, crystal, light are revolving around these two emerging markets, the exhibition more directly to pay forums uv / IR as the theme, the new trend of LED has been the keynote, obviously, want to discuss less and less people show, at least, no one has discussed the backlight.

    Does this mean that the LED has started "de-displayed"? LEDTaiwan2017 conclusion of the situation may be a little anxious, because there are two well-known keywords, quietly missed the event, that is, "small spacing" and "MicroLED." Both are miniaturized, one for now and one for the future.

    Small spacing with MicroLED This is the concept of two different terms, small spacing is a commercial display, 3-in-1 package LED size is about 500μm ~ 2500μm, using traditional SMT technology to capture the PCB board; MicroLED Locked consumer electronics self-luminous display technology, LED size almost equal to 50μm, not wire nor package, and with the new "MassTransfer" technology transfer to high-density backplane (such as: LTPS / CMOS), if the panel industry In fact, MicroLED can also be understood as inorganic (inorganic) version of the OLED.

    However, after Pitch continued shrinking and the de-encapsulation solution appeared (COB-type pitch), MassTransfer introduced the concept of small pitch one after another, the line between small pitch and MicroLED began to blur. In any case, the small pitch and Micro are symbolic of the real "LEDDisplay", chipsize and pitch miniaturization, also narrowed the original camps belonging to different commercial and consumer electronics supply chain, gave birth to a new manufacturing model and different application areas !