LED fluorescent tube common specifications and brightness

- May 09, 2018 -

common specifications:

φ26MM*600MM (60cm fluorescent lamp).

φ26MM*900MM (90cm fluorescent lamp).

φ26MM*1200MM (120cm fluorescent lamp).

φ26MM*1500MM (150cm fluorescent lamp).

For example: Traditional T8 fluorescent tubes:

The length is 600mm, and the nominal power 18W actually consumes 20W.

The actual power consumption of 900mm and 26W is 30W.

The actual power consumption of 120mm and 36W is 40W.


  The brightness of LED fluorescent lamps is particularly soft and easy to accept. The service life is from 50,000 to 50,000 hours. The supply voltage is AC85V-260V (AC).

  The three lamps used by the enterprise are usually T5 lamps. The specifications of the fluorescent lamps used in the past were T10 and T12. "T", which stands for "Tube", indicates a tube, and the number behind T indicates the tube diameter. There are 8 "T"s for T8 and 1/8" for "T".

 One inch is equal to 25.4 mm. Then every "T" is 25.4÷8=3.175mm.

The diameter of the T5 lamp is (5/8) × 25.4 = 16 mm (Note: Uniform width 23.5mm, height 39mm).

Commonly used fluorescent lamp length and power: (8w length 310mm; 14w length 570mm; 21w length 870.5mm; 28w length 1170.5mm; 35w length 1475mm).