Is the car led fog light useful?

- Oct 25, 2018 -

Of course´╝îled fog lights are  useful, if it is thick foggy days, led fog lights are simply a life-saving artifact! Against many people think that led fog lights can only be used to improve recognition, can not be used for lighting, but please do not abuse led fog lights! Add some things that are not often mentioned: For models with Xenon headlights and LED headlights, the headlights are white, and the sunny weather is comfortable, but the rain and fog effect is not as good as the halogen lamps. The white sputum and LED lights are very reflective in the dense fog, and the road is not visible at all. At this time, the halogen yellow fog lamp is very important for lighting supplement! In extreme cases, it is even necessary to turn off the headlights to reduce the reflection of light, and simply rely on the yellow light of the fog lights!

The led fog lamp is also very useful for widening the field of view on both sides of the close range. The mountain road with no street lighting is sharply bent, and the led fog lamp cannot be opened, which is the difference between the situation where the curve is not visible. Some models also use led fog lamps directly as low-cost corner-assist illumination.

Due to the low installation position of the led fog lamp, dust, mud and wading are often encountered. Therefore, the structure and process of the led fog lamp are different from those of the car headlight. Generally, the led fog lamp has better sealing performance, and the led fog lamp is added. The volume is small and the heat dissipation performance is poor. The led fog lamp will be more easily lost than the headlight for a long time. Some led fog lamps adopt a fully sealed design. When the lamp is burned, the bulb cannot be replaced separately, and only the entire group of led fog lamps can be replaced. So nothing else, do not open a led fog lamp, shake other people's eyes, but also consume fog lights.