How many kinds of lights are there?

- Oct 18, 2018 -

The lights of the car include position lights, low beam lights, high beam lights, fog lights, turn signals, reversing lights, brake lights, etc.

Position light: It is mainly used as a warning for the position of the vehicle body. Generally, it should be illuminated in dark places such as dark weather, rainy days or underground parking lots, so that pedestrians and other motor vehicles can be effectively identified.

Low beam: used at night in urban areas or in dimly lit environments for identification of road lighting and obstacles.

High beam: It is more suitable to use high beam in the wilderness or on the road without street lighting, but remember to change the low light when the car is in use, so as not to dazzle the driver.

Turn signal: The most basic use of the turn signal is to give other vehicles and passers-by signals when the vehicle turns to remind others. Sometimes the turn signal can also act as a lighting in a narrow place so that the driver can observe obstacles on both sides. When both sides of the turn signal are turned on at the same time, it acts as a warning and a wide function.

Fog lights: As the name suggests, fog lights are light signals used in foggy weather or heavy rain. Fog lights are more penetrating in fog and rain than normal lights, making it easier for vehicles or pedestrians to notice early.

Reversing light: When reversing, there will be a white reversing light at the rear of the car. On the one hand, it can illuminate the road surface and obstacles at the rear of the car, and reduce the blind spot when reversing. On the other hand, it is also a friendly reminder to the pedestrians at the rear.

Brake light: As the name suggests, the brake light is the light that illuminates when the vehicle brakes. Generally, it is red, which serves as a warning to the vehicle behind it. In addition, the brake light can effectively prevent the occurrence of rear-end collisions and reduce traffic accidents. The brake light is brighter and more obvious. It is mainly used to remind the following vehicles that the car should slow down or stop. If the brake light is used incorrectly or has a problem, it is easy to cause a rear-end collision accident.