4 steps to teach you to change a car headlight

- May 25, 2018 -

Tools needed: new light bulbs (you can go to the parts store to buy the correct type and model to match the applicable light bulb), alcohol wipes, Phillips screwdriver.

The first step: find the car headlight bracket

Car headlight bracket, as the name suggests, plays a supporting and fixing role for the headlights. Many headlights that break the bracket will shake and affect the sight line. This headlight bracket needs to open the hood and find it from the engine compartment close to the headlights. You will find the headlight on a base with a power connector (usually three wires) to connect the bulb.


The second step: Remove the power cord

The connection between the power cord and the bottom of the headlights usually requires plastic snaps, metal clips, and screw caps, depending on the type of vehicle. All you need to do is pull out the plug and press the small dark buckle on the top of the plastic buckle, then pull out the plug. Some screws can be unscrewed by turning it counterclockwise with a Phillips screwdriver.

The third step: remove the old bulb


Once the power cord is removed, the base of the headlight bracket can be removed and the old bulb slowly removed from the base. Be sure to identify the lamp that needs to be replaced, and then grasp the rotating handle at the rear and slowly unscrew it.

The Fourth Step: Clean and Install a New Light Bulb

To prevent fingerprints and stains from remaining on the new light bulb, hold it in a paper towel or glove, and slowly wipe it with an alcohol wipe. When ready, insert it properly into the base of the lamp and install it as it is. After insertion, replace the headlight bracket and reinsert the power cord, then turn on the headlights to verify the test.


Tips: The process of replacing the taillights and brake lights is different from that of the headlights. In some models, some bulb covers need to be removed from the outside or in the trunk. Rear lamp removal is relatively simple because of the space available for operation. Some do not need to remove the wire, but at this time should pay attention not to pull the shell too far, damage the circuit.

During the replacement process, be sure to ensure that the removed screws, snaps, and other components are not lost and pay attention to the detection of new light bulbs.